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The Plague Of The Food Industry… The Parasites!

The favorite places for food insects and mites are the food industries as they are full of food and not always kept under control. Therefore, these companies must be very careful about a possible infestation as the presence of these pests can endanger the “life of the company” due to considerable economic damage, due to both a contamination of the food and therefore the inactivity of the same and a damage to the image, as well as being a threat to the machinery itself as a result of the accumulation of substances produced by pests.

The pests’ favorite products are pasta and flour, followed by ham, meat, cheese, sausages, dried fruit, nuts, seeds and coffee.

Among the most common pests we find:

  • The wheat moth;
  • The grey moth;
  • The wrapped moth;
  • Cocoa Moth;
  • The mite of the flour;
  • The wheat awl;
  • Tobacco woodworm;
  • The turbulence;
  • Anobids.

When we find food parasites in our homes we can safely abolish the problem through natural remedies, eliminating contaminated food and washing the pantry very carefully, preferably using a compound consisting of vinegar, water and mint oil, the latter element is very hated by insects and therefore prevents the recurrence of the problem, then we insert between the shelves bay leaves or fragrances such as lavender, orange or mint because similar aromas are not loved by these animals and then remove them.

But it is not so simple for the food industry because you have to comply with specific regulations, such as Legislative Decree 193/07 on food hygiene, so it is good to turn to companies specializing in pest control services.


It is a natural insecticide spray that can be used as a natural repellent against a large number of insects and parasites. For the preparation you will have to blend a garlic head with cloves diluting with two cups of water. Blend until you obtain a very fine mixture. Let the mixture rest for a day and then dilute again but this time in about 3 liters of water. You will have obtained a natural insecticide spray to be sprayed directly on the leaves and at the base of the plant.

Not everyone knows it but… the tomato has excellent repellent properties and works effectively against aphids, worms and moths. Don’t worry, to prepare this natural DIY insecticide you won’t need to waste even one tomato, the main ingredient is the leaves.

This natural repellent is prepared in a very simple way: soak the tobacco contained in 3 or 4 cigarettes in half a litre of water. Let it rest for 2 days and then filter the mixture. Just spray this liquid on the plants in the garden to take advantage of its repellent action.

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