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With the arrival of summer and autumn, when the heating is switched on, it is not difficult to find cockroaches or cockroaches around the house. Given the dangerousness of the bacteria these insects carry, it is a good idea to prevent this problem. It is therefore a good idea to proceed regularly with the usual condominium disinfection carried out by specialised personnel. It is always necessary to check that the times and periods are respected by the contractors, but, sometimes, this is of little help in the case that the disinfection is not also carried out in the buildings of the district: of course, having done the periodic deratization in the building protects us, but we run the same risk that the cockroaches, coming from nearby premises not reclaimed, enter from outside. However, some solutions to prevent the arrival of cockroaches are commonly used.

Preventing cockroach and cockroach infestations

  1. It is important to know the habits and preferences of the cockroach: this insect prefers dirt, humidity and heat;
  2. Hides in the den during the day and goes out when the environment is dark;
  3. Very prolific and resistant;
  4. Moves quickly vertically and horizontally, entering through cracks, fissures, drains and air intakes;
  5. Loves, in particular, the kitchen and the bathroom where he can find food and moist heat and is often stationed under the sink, refrigerator, oven and furniture located in the room.

To prevent the arrival of cockroaches, it is important to keep the house as clean as possible, avoiding piles of material and cardboard in closets, attics and cellars, on terraces and, in particular, in rooms that are not very well lived in.

Carefully take care of the hygiene of the kitchen, the preferred environment of the cockroaches: do not leave dirty dishes or crockery in the sink or dishwasher, but wash them as soon as possible; do not leave crumbs or food residue on work tables and inside lockers; remove any spills and stains of grease, wash surfaces, tops, appliances, tiles and floors of the house with water and vinegar (it is recognized that cockroaches hate this substance); close the bags containing flours, baked goods, legumes and cereals in hermetically sealed containers; always store leftover food in the refrigerator, leaving the shelves of the oven and the microwave empty; keep the back and the motor of the refrigerator and other appliances clean and wash the floor below often, always with water and vinegar or water and bleach, taking special care of the sink and under the sink, removing the rubbish frequently, not leaving it in the vicinity of the house.

The cleaning of the bathroom is also very important, as it is a humid place par excellence and, therefore, very desirable for cockroaches: it is necessary to avoid water stagnation, the formation of mould and keep the tiles clean; frequently wash the shower room and the floor (always with water and vinegar or water and alcohol); do not leave laundry, bathrobes and wet or damp towels around; ventilate the room often; change the gaskets of leaking faucets; close the lid of the toilet shaft; keep the flushing tray clean and disinfected; pour bleach into the drains once a week and put the cap on the sinks, bathtub, bidet in summer or if you are away from home for a few days.

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