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Mosquitoes Are Not Only Annoying But Also Very Dangerous!

Did you know that mosquitoes are the most dangerous animals in the world? Yes, with its 830,000 deaths a year, it enters by right into this inauspicious classification; in fact, mosquitoes cause deaths through malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever, encephalitis and chikungunya.

But have you ever tried to use DIY methods or some natural remedies against mosquitoes? Below we describe some of them:

  1. Some plants, such as lavender, geranium, basil and rosemary have a repellent function for mosquitoes, but you have to consider that these plants in pots on the terrace or balcony, not enough to keep these insects away because the substances are concentrated are low, on the contrary, if you use extracts, where the concentration is much higher.
  2. Use a couple of bunches of mint and one of basil, boiling them and cooling them in the fridge, in the evening you can spread it on the body so as to remove the mosquitoes and have a scented skin.
  3. Candles or essential oils, the most effective are lavender, lemon, lemongrass or geranium.
  4. Installing mosquito nets at the access points to the house is a great way to prevent mosquitoes from entering the house and then live the environment in a quiet way.
  5. Especially tiger mosquitoes are attracted by dark clothes, such as black and red, so dressing with light clothes decreases the possibility of being bitten.

Natural remedies, however, are not always effective, but how to defend yourself against tiger mosquitoes and the like?

The only remedy is to remove or exterminate them with a careful disinfestation of mosquitoes with specific products and by experts in the field of disinfestation.

Why Do Mosquitoes Sting Only A Few People?

Mosquitoes live for a few days, or at most a few months if they find favorable climatic and environmental conditions.

Only the female mosquitoes sting, the males die when they mate and do not sting.

Understanding the reasons behind the preferences for which mosquitoes sting one person instead of another is no small matter.

This is why it is particularly important to analyse their behaviour in depth in order to understand their tastes and preferences,

going beyond commonplaces and metropolitan legends about sweet blood, skin color or the like.

One of the factors that seems to affect mosquito preferences is the blood group.

Mosquitoes sting blood group 0 twice as often as blood group A does.

Group B, on the other hand, is more or less halfway there.

In addition, some humans produce a chemical that signals, through the smell of the skin, to which blood group they belong.

Another factor is carbon dioxide, the most vulnerable humans are those who emit more carbon dioxide during exhalation, usually the most corpulent.

Children, Who Have Shallower Breaths, Are Less Pricked Than Adults

Lactic acid also attracts mosquitoes, physical activity, increases the presence of lactic acid in the body, physically more active people tend to be more points than others.

Among the factors also the diet, just a bottle of beer to become the preferred target of mosquitoes.

This is due to the fact that alcohol intake leads to more sweating, and increases body temperature.

Pregnant women attract mosquitoes more than others.

The reason would be that they emit 21% more carbon dioxide and their body temperature is, on average, about half a degree higher than the others.

Clothing also plays an important role, better not to wear red or dark clothes that are spotted by mosquitoes much more easily.

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