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Eliminate The Cockroaches Safely!

Cockroaches are now known, it is a problem that affects individuals, families and entire cities.

One of the reasons why it is difficult to eradicate cockroaches is that they reproduce very quickly and within a few days the number of cockroaches can multiply exponentially; for example, the German cockroach, just under a month later, can give birth to about 300 similar and this throughout his life!

How To Eliminate Cockroaches?

In the case of cockroaches, each species corresponds to a specific treatment, so it is important to know how to recognize the category of cockroach in order to apply the product and the procedure best suited to the case.

Consider that there are three types of cockroaches and that for each type must be used different methods of pest control for cockroaches.

  1. The coffee fly (German cockroach);
  2. The black cockroach (Cockroach Orientalis);
  3. La Cockroach of Furniture (Supella longipalpa).

Having said that, we do not recommend first of all the pest control of DIY cockroaches. Of course, on the internet there are many tips and tricks “home” to get rid of cockroaches, but in reality the problem recurs or even these remedies are totally ineffective.

Relying On Professionals To Eliminate Cockroaches

It is therefore better to rely on experts in the field! We can help you overcome this problem. Professionals in the pest control of cockroaches, legally authorized to use effective chemicals but without risking the health of the inhabitants of the house. We are required to follow strict protocols of execution, we carefully evaluate the characteristics of the environment and the best procedure for the removal of the pest all in accordance with the law.

We use certified and tested cockroach traps in strategic places such as kitchens, bathrooms, warehouses, basements; in fact, one of the best known species, the Orientalis cockroach or commonly called Black Cockroach, hides in cracks in the walls, under the skirting board or in any other damp and poorly lit shelter, especially if placed near heat sources, in the house we can imagine that cockroaches are hidden in the bathroom or in the kitchen next to our food!

Not Just Cockroaches At Home

We are able to carry out the appropriate anti-robbery treatments also at the level of the foundation works of an embankment and of the underground technical rooms.

In special cases, aerosol operations can also be carried out using total emptying cans or ULV fog generators.

At the end of each intervention will be followed by a descriptive technical report that will highlight the possible causes of infestation and any preventive measures and, or remediation that should be adopted as an example always remember that to combat cockroaches and prevent the invasion of cockroaches, you must still keep the house clean, especially wet places such as the bathroom.

Cockroaches are very dangerous insects for health, consider that the diseases that transmit the cockroaches are tuberculosis, typhus, hepatitis, gastroenteritis and gastrointestinal influenza, solitary worm, worm disease, allergies… To combat this plague of cockroaches, we suggest some natural remedy:

  1. The Tananceto, a plant with yellow flowers very common in Italy, is an excellent repellent for cockroaches. Just put a few pots in areas of access to the house, such as doors and windows to keep them away.
  2. Garlic, rosemary and bay leaves are excellent natural remedies against cockroaches, garlic in particular has a smell that is very unpleasant to get rid of cockroaches. Just place a few clumps of garlic, bay leaves or sprigs of rosemary in areas of the house where it is most likely to be the presence of these insects.
  3. Even catnip is used as a repellent for cockroaches; just place a few pots in entrance areas such as balconies, windows or doors to keep them away.

Another way to use catnip is to prepare an infusion to use as a spray.

But beware of the side effects of this plant in cats.

The clean house is an essential aspect to keep away cockroaches and cockroaches, a natural method is vinegar. With a cloth soaked in vinegar and water you can clean various surfaces of the house.

However, we know that natural remedies do not always work and therefore it is necessary to intervene drastically with specific products for the disinfestation of cockroaches and carried out by experts in the field.

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