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Don’t Underestimate Mosquitoes!

With the arrival of the first heat, as every year, we find ourselves having to fight with the problem of mosquitoes and as every year we will try to use remedies seen on the Internet or we will go to buy new products, new machinery to fight mosquitoes, but most of the time they will be ineffective.

But do not underestimate the problem, because in addition to being annoying, mosquitoes also carry diseases such as the Zika virus that has helped to solve the problem of dangerousness and need for disinfestation of mosquitoes.

The World Health Organization has announced that this year, in the Americas, 3 or 4 million people are affected by the Zika virus.

The virus is characterized by fever and some skin rash, but its consequences are worrying: cases of microcephaly recorded in Brazilian infants and responsible for malformations and deaths.

So What Can We Do To Eliminate Mosquitoes Effectively?

To break down the problem of mosquitoes, just call Ecosistem, we are the right company to eradicate the proliferation of mosquitoes. We carry out an inspection to understand and assess where it can eliminate the problem; remember that mosquitoes reproduce where there is water, so more attention will be paid to stagnant water, manholes, drainage channels, drinking troughs for animals and even open cans.

These places, the mosquitoes, both the normal ones and the tiger mosquitoes, lay their eggs.

We will evaluate all these variables. Once we understand the problem, we will decide how to act and, above all, with what products.

To eliminate mosquitoes permanently, these two methods must be used:

  • destroying larvae;
  • kill adult mosquitoes.

Logically, it is totally useless to eliminate the mosquito larvae if there are still adults able to lay eggs and reproduce, the more useless it is to destroy the adult mosquitoes if there are then the larvae ready to take the place of the eliminated adults.

After having disinfested the whole environment from mosquitoes, we will give you useful advice on how to prevent the problem of mosquitoes; we will suggest products and protection to doors and windows. So call the pest control professionals before it’s too late!

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