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Do You Know How To Properly Prune The Plants?

Pruning of the plants should not be underestimated and should be carried out in specific periods, by expert hands and with particular techniques.

But why is Pruning so Important?

The importance of pruning is due to ensure the penetration of light and air or to eliminate dry branches so as to promote the renewal of productive branches, to support vegetative growth and contain the size of fruit trees or the plant in general.

When should pruning be carried out?

From the type of plant, also changes the period of pruning, consider that very often must be performed in periods of dormancy.

For each month there are various types of plants to prune, for example we see this calendar for pruning plants:

  1. January is the right time to prune the apple, pear and kiwi trees.
  2. February is the time of plum, vine and also the period of apple, pear and kiwi.
  3. March is the right time to prune the peach tree over vines and citrus fruits.
  4. April is the month in which you have to cut the branches damaged by the cold of winter.
  5. May is useful to maintain the structure of the plant, so to cut only the outer branches.
  6. It should also be borne in mind that in June it is necessary to prune the fruit trees.
  7. While the period from July to September is dedicated to post-harvest cutting and serves to eliminate dry branches and dead parts.
  8. In October, however, no fruit trees are pruned.
  9. Finally, in November and December, the apple, pear, apricot and plum trees are pruned again.

But What Are The Types Of Cut Of The Plants?

Attention is also paid to the types of pruning of trees and plants, because they are not all the same.

The cuts can be of thinning or shortening of the plants;

  1. Shortening cuts are types of cuts that change the form of farming and you must be careful not to make them on branches over a year old.
  2. While thinning cuts are useful to remove branches that are too close; they are used to ventilate and allow light to penetrate into it.
  3. Hulling is a particular cut, i.e. a drastic cut that removes the top of the plant (it can also happen for natural events such as strong winds that cause the rupture of the trunk). Care must be taken because in most cases, this type of cut can damage the health of the plant in an irreversible manner.

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