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Respect & Compassion Program - West Coast Men's Support Society

Respect & Compassion Program


PLEASE NOTE - We have decided to offer this program in both group and 1 on 1 formats.  Please see below for pricing.   We can deliver this to you via remote session (Skype, Google).

This course is designed for individuals, couples and teams who desire a deeper and healthier connection with themselves and those around them. By developing a deeper connection through respect and compassion, everyone will feel acknowledged, validated and affirmed. Just as importantly, everyone’s needs will also be met.

Respect and Compassion Program - West Coast Men's Support SocietyProgram:

The course is highly interactive and is directly applicable to relationship challenges encountered in daily life, where communication is pivotal. People who have taken this type of course have found improvement in the following types of relationships:
- Marriages/Partnerships
- Parent/Child Interactions
- Friends & Siblings
- Managers & Employees
- Interactions with oneself

Course Benefits

Is there any kind of conflict you can think of that does not involve communication, as the root source of the challenge or solution?  This insight alone can be a tremendous wake-up call! Empathic, compassionate communication is honest, life-affirming and life-honouring. Let us teach you the strategy!

This course will help you to:
- Transform judgment and criticism into understanding and connection
- SLOW DOWN and listen in a way so that others are really heard
- Get what you want more often without using demands, guilt, and shame
- Move beyond power struggles to cooperation and trust
- Cultivate more respectful, empowering connections with yourself and others

Course Content

Respect and Compassion Program - West Coast Men's Support SocietyYou’ll learn:

  • Typical ways most of us respond to others that block compassion. You’ll also connect with how you might do this unconsciously or out of habit
  • How to distinguish between a pure observation from an observation loaded with judgment. This is critical, as it allows us to tell others exactly what was upsetting to us -- without leaving them feeling blamed or judged! Judgments tend to cause disconnection, defensiveness and a break-down in communication
  • How to differentiate between feelings, thoughts and interpretations. By building your feeling vocabulary, you get to connect with what you are feeling as distinct from what the other is feeling
  • How to look deeper and connect with your own needs, and the other person’s needs. A need-based connection gives both parties a greater chance of getting our needs met in a mutually satisfying way
  • To make requests of others that are specific, connecting and compassionate
  • To give empathy to others and learn to hear the real messages under the judgments and evaluations
  • To deal compassionately with anger: both express your anger compassionately and to hear the needs underlying the expression of anger
  • To translate dream-killing language like “I should” or “I have to” into empowering language of choice
  • To express and hear gratitude: translating positive judgments into clear expressions of gratitude that can fuel the relationship for a lifetime

The West Coast Men's Support Society looks forward to helping you become a more compassionate communicator!

Please contact us for a pre-screening interview.

Organization Rate: $150 per person – negotiable depending on numbers
Individual Rate: $75/hour - sliding scale (For 1 on 1 format, we require a minimum of 3 hours to move through the program with you.)

We are offering a Saturday morning remote connect program from 10am to Noon (Group or 1 on 1)

To register for this program:

CONTACT: West Coast Men’s Support Society