Fire & Bones - Youth Mentoring Program

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Fire & Bones - Youth Mentoring Program

West Coast Men's Support Society Boys To Men Program

What is Fire & Bones?  It speaks to the FIRE of the teenage soul and the BONES of those who came before them - whose stories can set them on the right path.

Through our school based "Guys Groups" it is our hope that boys between the ages of 12 and 18 can hear the stories of committed, conscientious adult men, and therefore be invited to share their stories - their truth.  We use the ancient wisdom of the "Circle" to share because we all gather as equals to support one another on our journeys.  We hope that through this sharing, the boys will become more empowered in their life and become leaders in their families and communities. 

We can support you in setting a Guys Group up in your school district.  Please contact us to set-up a time to discuss:

The purpose of the Youth Mentoring is to:

West Coast Men's Support Society Boys To Men Programi. Mentor adolescent males between 12-18 years of age into their passage from boyhood to healthy manhood;
ii. Offer a safe environment in which to share personal stories, learn to express feelings in a healthy way, and discuss concerns and issues of importance to them;
iii. Provide a meaningful experience during the Fire & Bones Deepening Weekend;
iv. Assist adolescent males in developing life-long skills to use as personal tools they need to become a better man.

Objectives of the Youth Mentoring Program:

  • West Coast Men's Support Society Boys To Men ProgramTo inspire boys into becoming strong, healthy men
  • To provide leadership, guidance, and direction
  • To offer positive male role models for adolescent males.
  • To support adolescent males mentally and emotionally during this time of transition.
  • To develop positive bonds amongst the adolescent males, and with the adult mentors.
  • To instill in the boys the tools to develop strategies and to learn values like responsibility, integrity, accountability, and honour.

Youth Mentoring in the School

It is our intention/hope to deliver our program across BC!  If your school is interested  - please contact us directly. 

The program consists of an after school meeting of boys age 12 to 18 in a middle or high school setting. The group usually meets once a week (or every second week) for 60 to 90 minutes. The meetings can consist of a mixture of sharing and physical activities. There are usually at least 2  mentors involved in each meeting.  It is our hope that male teachers participate as this will be very empowering to the boys.

Please contact us for more details.

Mentor Training:

This is an opportunity for men to come together to do some deeper learning about themselves.  It will provide an opportunity for men to become facilitators in our "Guys Groups" - to meet the boys where they are.  We usually have at least one training per year – timing will depend on the need and availability of resources - location to be confirmed. Please contact us for more details.

Fire & Bones Adventure Weekend Summary:
This is a powerful experience-filled weekend for both the boys and the men. It is a time for bonding through developing trust, gaining respect, and building close connections between the boys and their "Guys Group" facilitators.

Next Adventure Weekend Date:
Stay tuned

Connection Outings:  We plan to organize regular opportunities for boys and men to connect.  Please stay tuned to our calendar for more details.

To register for this program, please contact us: 
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