Support the West Coast Men's Support Society

We are very grateful for all of the support that we have received this past year from the community. Please see below for both comments and letters of support.

Comments from the Community - either directly or from the survey.

The WCMSS is fulfilling a vital need in the community. Dr. Daphne Robinson

Thanks for all your hard work and commitment to assisting men in the community.

It's VERY GOOD to see men beginning to do the work necessary for other men.

I'm glad to see that finally men have a resource.

We need to be referring people to this centre! If you are running workshops or programs or have leaflets I can give clients, please let us know.

Having worked as a Transition House Counsellor at Somenos House, I saw a great need to support men who were wanting to make change and had nowhere to turn. People often commented to me that we support women, but what is out there for the men? I firmly believe that to heal violence in the home, we need to support all of the people involved and do it in a holistic manner with no blame attached. I am excited that this resource will be in the valley and look forward to having somewhere to refer males who are struggling with a variety of issues to.

I do see many men and in particular fathers struggling with the roles they have in our community. Many men are single fathers or juggle joint custody, many are starting over due to divorce many struggle financially. Moving men to a place where they feel comforatble asking for help or seeking help is a challenge but it is great to see the opportunity available for those who do.

This brings such hope to see this service in the Cowichan Valley. I know open dialogue is a good bridge for meeting in the middle around issues that affect both genders. It would be encouraging to see this manifest someday. I also believe men deserve to be vulnerable and come to reconcile with the sacredness of the discovery of their 'true' selves. How this can be empowered is beyond my comprehension. Also educating the public is a necessity and to offer day time hours for programs or films. Evening hours between 5pm and 7pm are busy for most especially those with children. An ongoing film night once a month that relates to a specific issue ie: child abuse and how it damages adult development.   Also when partnering with local agencies it demonstrates collective action and inspires our community to recognize our greatest asset: each other.


Letters of support that we have received during the past year:


Bill Routley MLA

Barara Imlach BSW

Gordon Kamlah, The Mankind Project


Pat Pattison MEd


Rod Keays, The Well Site Retreat Centre