Library Listing

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We will be updating our listing of books and videos as new ones arrive.  Books & videos will be available for 2 week maximum loans - locally on Vancouver Island.  We would certainly recommend borrowing any of these books or videos from your local library.

Please find our full listing of books & videos (follow the links).


Here is a list of some of our books:

Iron John - Robert Bly
A Little Book on the Human Shadow - Robert Bly
The Sibling Society - Robert Bly
Fire in the Belly - Sam Keen
King, Warrior, Magician, Lover - Robert Moore & Douglas Gillette
Iron John by Robert BlyThe Flying Boy - John Lee
The Secret Life of Men - Steve Biddulph
A Circle of Men - Bill Kauth
Midlife Man - Art Hister
The Way of the Superior Man - David Deida
Way of the Peaceful Warrior - Dan Millman
Finding our Fathers - Samuel Osherson
The Dance of Anger - Harriet Goldhor Lerner
Balancing Heaven and Earth - Robert A. Johnson
Speaking of Boys - Michael Thompson
What Men are Like - John A. Sanford & George Lough
The Wonder of Boys - Michael Gurian
The Purpose of Boys - Michael Gurian
Men and the Water of Life - Michael Meade
Abused Men - Phillip W. Cook
Male Menopause - Jed Diamond
The Male Ego - Willard Gaylin
Irritable Male Syndrome by Jed DiamondThe Father Factor - Stephan B. Poulter
The New Rules of Marriage - Terrence Real
Anger - Boundaries & Safety - Joann S. Peterson
The First Man - Albert Camus
From Boys to Men - Bret Stephenson
Beating Anger - Mike Fisher
The Warriors Journey Home - Jed Diamond
Becoming the Kind Father - Calvin Sandborn
The Irritable Male Syndrome - Jed Diamond
The Boy who was raised as a dog - Bruce Perry & Maia Szalavitz


Journeyman - Boys to Men - Mirrorman FilmsVIDEOS

Here is a list of some of our videos:

Into the Wild
When did you last see your father?
Journeyman - Mentoring Documentary
August Rush
Finding Forester
Dead Poet's Society
The Edge
Field of Dreams
The Good Sheppard