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Building Adult Capabilities to Improve Child Outcomes

Check out this absolutely awesome YouTube video from The Centre of the Developing Child at Harvard University!!

We at West Coast Men’s Support Society believe that it is often the simplest most basic concepts that lead to the most powerful outcomes.  For instance, when it comes to the raising of a child, both parents need to be involved in nurturing them – providing them with a safe and healthy environment to grow up in.  It’s that simple!  That parents recognize how important it is to provide the child with healthy food, water and warm clothing to protect them from the elements.  It’s that simple!  That by parents staying together, learning how to better communicate through programs like our Respect & Compassion workshop, it brings happiness and health into the home.  It’s that simple!

West Coast Men offers a number of programs to empower boys & men to take better care of themselves both emotionally and physically.

Please contact West Coast Men to learn more about how we are expanding across British Columbia through our Organizational Outreach program and through the help of our PR & Communications volunteers.  It takes a village!!

Responding to Domestic Violence vs. Preventing it

Responding to Domestic Violence vs. Preventing itResponding to Domestic Violence is not working.  It is costing our society millions upon millions of dollars and yet I am still observing the same types of policies being put forward by local government.  Here is a recent scenario that is happening in BC where the government is responding to a “potentially preventable” scenario IF the man received appropriate support.

The West Coast Men’s Support Society is all about prevention.  We offer programs to support men in living healthier lives in all ways; and by doing so, supporting their families, friends, and the community.

We believe that if we can provide boys and men with tools that would invite them down a different path than the “tough guy” approach, that so many of them have been taught, we would offer them a way out of violence and a way into compassion.

We believe in the path of the Mature Masculine/New Macho – a man who takes responsibility for his actions, is held accountable, and lives a life of integrity.

We would like to be able to work with government to develop new approaches to preventing domestic violence across the province through education of men vs. the blaming of men.

The West Coast Men’s Society knows that there is another way – a more cost effective and humane way to support men in BC and beyond.  We hope that doors will open and people in positions of power will pay attention.  Thanks for your time!  Please contact us for more information on our programs.

Welcome to the West Coast Men’s Support Society Blog!

Welcome to our new blog!  This blog will incorporate the input and insights of a number of men and women across British Columbia and beyond.  We hope to have at least two new blog postings per week that will stimulate topical discussions.  The discussions will include conversations around our programs:  Dads Make a Difference, Men’s Circles, Fire & Bones, Senior Men’s Circles, Men’s Grief, Restorative Justice, & Respect & Compassion.

Please read our blogs through our RSS feed.  We look forward to receiving your feedback!

Joy & Peace,

Grant Waldman
Executive Director