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Responding to Domestic Violence vs. Preventing it

Responding to Domestic Violence vs. Preventing itResponding to Domestic Violence is not working.  It is costing our society millions upon millions of dollars and yet I am still observing the same types of policies being put forward by local government.  Here is a recent scenario that is happening in BC where the government is responding to a “potentially preventable” scenario IF the man received appropriate support.

The West Coast Men’s Support Society is all about prevention.  We offer programs to support men in living healthier lives in all ways; and by doing so, supporting their families, friends, and the community.

We believe that if we can provide boys and men with tools that would invite them down a different path than the “tough guy” approach, that so many of them have been taught, we would offer them a way out of violence and a way into compassion.

We believe in the path of the Mature Masculine/New Macho – a man who takes responsibility for his actions, is held accountable, and lives a life of integrity.

We would like to be able to work with government to develop new approaches to preventing domestic violence across the province through education of men vs. the blaming of men.

The West Coast Men’s Society knows that there is another way – a more cost effective and humane way to support men in BC and beyond.  We hope that doors will open and people in positions of power will pay attention.  Thanks for your time!  Please contact us for more information on our programs.

Who needs men?

Who needs men?I just came across this article posted in Psych Central titled “The Rise of the Single Woman.”  The author states that women have risen above men in many ways: education, longevity, and connectivity.  There was an editorial written in the New York Times called “Men, Who Needs them?”  My first reaction to this is: When are we going to come to an equilibrium?  What is it going to take for women and men to be on the same page – to be in balance?

Our vision at The West Coast Men’s Support Society is “to support a community where men and women of all ages live with equality, equity and peaceful co-existence.”  Because it is our belief that this will lead to a much more emotionally healthy community.

The article goes on to state that career women have never been happier.  It talks about women raising children by themselves.  What about men?  The article continuously poses the question:  Who needs men?  I can confirm that children need men in their life.  I will correct that statement, children need healthy men in their life.

This, to me is the big challenge that the world is facing:  the media is constantly promoting unhealthy men.  Men who are abusing their positions of power.  Men who are speaking inappropriately about women.  Men who want to destroy the world vs. supporting it.  This is not the kind of man that we promote at West Coast Men’s Support Society.

I would invite readers of this blog to read The New Macho to gain an idea of the type of man that we want to emerge on our planet.  A man who lives a life of integrity, takes responsibility, and is accountable for their words and actions.  It is my hope that if this type of mature man arrives, then there will be no more need for the question: Who needs men.

I would invite you to contact us to learn more about our programs and the steps that we are taking in our community to support men in becoming The New Macho.  Thanks for your time.