Men’s Centre at Simon Fraser University!!

I just published this on our Facebook page:

This is the cartoon that was published in SFU’s Peak publication when they published their article about the Men’s Centre. I submitted the following letter to their opinions email address in response to the cartoon:

Good Day,

I am trying to understand what you were hoping to achieve by publishing the above noted cartoon in your April 9, 2012 publication. The first thought that came to mind when I saw it was: “when are people – especially men going to take men’s emotional health seriously? If men cannot take their own emotional health seriously then how can women?” As the Executive Director of the West Coast Men’s Support Society, I want to reinforce to your publication and to your readers that there must be a balanced approach to men’s and women’s emotional needs in order for emotional safety to truly exist. For until men have taken a good look in the mirror and received the emotional support that they require (especially from other men), they will continue to wander the world as immature little boys – not having a clear grounded understanding of their needs as a human being. I truly hope that Men’s Centres continue to be formed across Canada and anywhere a Women’s Centre exists, in order for balance to be achieved. Thank you for your time.

I think that the above letter to the editor speaks for itself.  Please feel free to contact the West Coast Men’s Support Society for more details about our programs and resources.  Thanks for your time!  :-)

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