Can Men Have Post Partum Depression?

Can Men Have Postpartum Depression

Can Men Have Postpartum Depression

The West Coast Men’s Support Society is always curious around various issues that impact men.  One issue that came across my desk today was around men suffering from postpartum depression.  Here is a link to the article that initially sparked my interest.  The article confirms that it is very common for men to suffer from postpartum depression as women.

What I realize is that this is a topic that I do not recall discussing at our Men’s Circle.  I will have to check in with our Dad’s Make a Difference facilitator to see if it has come up there.  It would be a great evening discussion!

I also wanted to do some more research online to see what other resources are available for men around this topic.  Here’s what I found:

PostpartumMen is a place for men with concerns about depression, anxiety or other problems with mood after the birth of a child. It promotes self-help, provides important information for fathers – including a self-assessment for postpartum depression.

Can Men Get Postpartum Depression?  This is an article from Men’s Health Magazine – the article sites the Journal of the American Medical Association – over 28,000 fathers were assessed.  The results indicate that at least 14% of men in the USA suffer from postpartum (my guess is that it is higher).

Men Get Postpartum Depression TooThis is an article from the Massachusetts General Hospital’s Center for Women’s Mental Health.  This article reinforces the above article.

I am glad that I have put this out there as a point of discussion.  I would very much like to hear from men on their personal experience with postpartum depression.

Thanks for your time!

Joy & Peace,

Grant M. Waldman
Executive Director
West Coast Men’s Support Society

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