Alec Greven – How to Talk to Girls

Check out this wonderful YouTube video of 9 year old Alec Greven talking about how to talk to girls.  Our Fire & Bones program works with male you age 12 to 18.  Healthy male mentors support them on their journey to manhood.

Please contact us for further details on Fire & Bones.

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  2. Jack Day says:

    I don’t think that young boys should be taught that their value as men is derived from the approval of women. Today women are taught to take care of themselves and are capable of most things.

    To continue to teach boys that their worth is, and should be, centered on the needs and desires of women is just disempowering men to the value of an appliance that is only good for what they can provide for others. This is old thinking for a yesterday’s world.

    This example’s paradigm is just that. And is a 180 degree turn from any 50/50 relationship building, he will surely hope to acquire in the future.

    What’s wrong with teaching young men to be the best they can be just for themselves? If women happen to like them for who they have taught themselves to become, they can then build relationships on their true traits, not who they pretend to be, how many free dinners they can provide, or how many hoops they can faithfully jump through.

    • webmaster says:

      Hi Jack,
      Thanks for your comments. Much appreciated!

      There is absolutely nothing wrong in teaching boys/young men to be the best they can be for themselves. We teach young men/boys to walk their truth, to speak/listen with compassion, and to respect themselves and all those they relate to every day.

      Thanks again!

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